i feel these words as if their meaning were a weight being lifted from me

25 July 1989
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My name is Jessica, and I live in Ontario, Canada.

I am currently a student at the Trent University, working towards an Honours double major in Biology and Psychology, with a Specialization in Health Sciences. After getting these degrees, my hope is to attend Medical School and specialize in pediatric neuroscience.

I have been with my boyfriend Nolan, since March of 2004, when we were both in our first year of high school. Although he is my first love, he is the love of my life.

My mom is my best friend, my dad is my rock, and my little sister is my whole world.

I am very involved academically and socially. I am currently the president of the Biology Undergraduate Society (BUGS), a member of the Chemistry Undergraduate Society (CHUGS), I am the student representative for the Curriculum Committee, sit on the Departmental Board for Biology, help with the Biology newsletter and volunteer in a neuroscience lab.

I also have four jobs. I work as a dietary aide at two different retirement residences, as a baker at a bakery, and in a psychology lab doing research on sleep and arousal.

I enjoy being with friends, sports, partying, music, socializing, meeting new people, and generally obsessing over things, mainly television shows.

My first love was CSI where I fell in love with Marg Helgenberger and the Catherine/Grissom romance, which unfortunately didn’t pan out exactly as I had hoped. Then years later came The X-Files where I fell in love with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny and the epic romance that is Mulder/Scully.

Shows I Love:
♥The X-Files
♥Sex and the City
♥Private Practice
♥Brothers and Sisters
♥China Beach

Women I Admire:
♥Gillian Anderson

♥Marg Helgenberger

♥Kate Walsh

♥Rachel Griffiths
♥Felicity Huffman
♥Bonnie Hunt

Men I “Admire”:
♥David Duchovny
♥Rob Lowe
♥George Eads
♥Gerald Butler
♥Eric Dane
♥Tim Daly

Favourite Musical Artists:
♥Celine Dion
♥Sarah McLaughlin
♥Taylor Swift
♥Michael Buble

Couples I Ship
♥Mulder and Scully

♥Catherine and Grissom
♥Catherine and Nick
♥Catherine and Warrick
♥Addison and Pete
♥Robert and Kitty
adam sandler, addison montgomery, alan rosenberg, alias, america's next top model, annabeth gish, anne hathaway, babies, barack obama, baseball, basketball, being canadian, big brother, billy petersen, biology, black eyed peas, bleak house, bonnie hunt, brothers and sisters, brownies, californication, canada's next top model, catherine willows, catherine/grissom, catherine/nick, catherine/warrick, celia hodes, celine dion, chatting, chemistry, china beach, chris carter, christmas, crash, csi, cute underwear, dan brown, dana scully, dance, dancing, david duchovny, dennis quaid, desperate housewives, discovery channel, doug/karen, drama, drive-in's, driving, elizabeth perkins, eric dane, erin brockovich, family guy, fan fic, fanfic, fanfiction, felicity huffman, fight the future, fireworks, forensic science, four wheeling, fox mulder, gary dourdan, genetics, george clooney, george eads, gerald butler, gil grissom, gil/cath, gillian anderson, gossip girl, greys anatomy, grissom/catherine, hidden palms, hockey, hoop earings, house, house/cuddy, house/stacy, hugh laurie, i want to believe, iconing, icons, in good company, iron man, jennifer garner, kate hudson, kate walsh, kc koloski, kc/boonie, kissing, lady heather, love, lynette/tom, marcia cross, marg helgenberger, medicine, michael buble, monica reyes, movies, mulder, mulder and scully, mulder/scully, music, mysteries, mythbusters, nick stokes, nolan, partying, physics, pizza, politics, private practice, psych, psychology, rachel griffiths, reba, rob lowe, robert downey jr, roller coasters, sandra bullock, sarah jessica parker, sarah mclachlan, school, science, scully, sela ward, sex and the city, shopping, soccer, strawberries, sun glasses, swimming, taking photos, taylor swift, the da vinci code, the x files, the x-files, tim daly, toronto maple leafs, traveling, trent, tv, volleyball, walter skinner, weeds, william petersen, william shakespeare, writing poetry, x-files, youtube